Quantum Break

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you have time-based powers, like the ability to stop time or better yet, time travel?

Xbox one is a very good game console with amazing hardware specs. The game developers from Remedy Entertainment saw the game console’s potential, that is why they have created this awesome time-based game.

Introducing Quantum Break, a game where the main protagonist and main antagonist both have time-based powers.

The story began when best friends Jack Joyce and Paul Serene was doing a time machine demonstration. The time machine will work by using the “Chronon particles”.

Unfortunately, something was jammed inside the machine, causing it to explode. Both Paul and Jack were doused with the Chronon particles.

After the explosion, Paul’s brother, William, came to the place. He found an old Paul Serene who was apparently affected by the Chronon radiation. William told Paul to fix the time fracture that was created by the explosion but Paul refused to.

He said that he was able to see the future and no matter what they will do now, the fracture will always be there.

Paul was not his usual self after the explosion and he ordered his company, the Monarch Corporation, to do a self-destruct procedure.

The building exploded and William was killed due to falling debris. Jack, on the other hand, was knocked unconscious and he was taken in by Monarch forces.

Jack managed to escape using his newly found time powers and he sought the aid of Beth Wilder, a double agent who was working inside Monarch.

It was later found out that Paul Serene was not his usual self because he was dying from the Chronon Syndrome. It seems that Serene was hit most by the radiation and he was able to shield Jack in the process.

During the course of the game, both Jack and Beth will have to battle against Paul’s Monarch forces as both attempt to fix the time fracture. It seems that Paul is not his original self anymore.

Quantum Break is a third-person action shooter game where you control the main protagonist, Jack Joyce.

Joyce has time manipulation powers where he could stop time and he’s the only one who can move.

Joyce’s other abilities include the ability to do a time blast which is like a powerful projectile he can conjure up from his hands. He also has the ability to deter the bullets that are coming at him, almost similar to what Neo did in the Matrix movies.

Jack Joyce not only has the power to stop time; he also has the ability to speed up time as well. He can speed up time to make a clone of him so that he can use to draw the attention of Monarch forces.

Because of the time fracture, most of the objects in the game are subject to time where they can just break and damage Jack. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times to avoid danger.

Quantum Break is an amazing Xbox One game. If you have this game console and you’re itching for a pretty good shooter game, then definitely get Quantum Break.